Glue of transparent LED display

Production can be divided according to the use of LED transparent display when used epoxy glue and led display modules used in potting glue.

Special glue mainly refers to the use of environmental requirements LED display ultra-high LED glue, such as cold (northern) glue, high-temperature resistance, corrosion glue for transparent LED display.

High-grade glue: full-color LED display special glue, glue is black, has a high heat, cold, water effect.

Low-grade glue: General protection poorly.

Professional testing: analysis from a professional point of view need to use special equipment to analyze the composition ratio of glue transparent LED display, as well as between the components and the environment through practical tests derived by the actual data.

Glue in time according to a regular proportion on, you can view the quality of the glue as well as the elastic coupler micelle check the main data leveling, curing time, after curing. Transparent LED module can remove screws and cover finished with a simple rub judged.

The influence of the LED dance floor for sale

LED is the most critical components of LED dance floor for sale from VISS LIGHTING, the equivalent of a computer’s CPU. LED’s selection has been determined more than 50% of the entire display quality. If you fail to choose a good LED, no matter how well other parts of the display screen quality irreparable defects. The most critical part of the reason why LED dance floor, LED devices, for three reasons. First, LED full-color machine is used in the largest number of key components, per square meter will use only a few thousand to tens of thousands of LED. Second, LED is to determine the performance of the whole body optical display screen, a direct impact on the evaluation of the audience display. Third, LED displays the largest proportion of the overall costs, ranging from 30-70%.

As can be seen in the scan circuit, the circuit structure is relatively simple, reasonably adjust the operating parameters of the various parts of the circuit will be able to work in the best condition. When selecting the circuit, but also to accurately grasp the performance of each company of the circuit, as well as the differences between the technical parameters. Technical parameters of different types of devices also differ. Therefore, a RGB LED display to be used as far as possible the same company circuit device, in order to avoid influence due to differences in the parameters of the display screen.

When manufacturing waterproof LED dance floor, according to the first indicator selection brightness LED or display module, followed by selection of products based on red, green, and blue color luminance ratio to determine what kind of color as a reference, generally is a low luminance ratio As the brightness of the reference species, when a benchmark has reached the maximum brightness, adjust another (color) or two (full color).

rgb led display

After HD LED dance floor design and analysis, VISS LIGHTING effectively adjusts the technical parameters of the circuit, to get a better RGB LED display. Facts have proved that a reasonable analysis of the technical characteristics of the circuit, the circuit is in the best working condition, the display will be able to achieve the desired effect.

Design and fabrication of LED floor important condition are that the cost of production, therefore, in the choice of components in the process, to meet the requirements of the situation, select the low price.

The “advertising value” of outdoor LED display

Outdoor advertising has many businesses is an important way to promote their brand and product advertising. With the continuous development of society, “advertising value” static advertising increasingly smaller, more people turned to look at the product suitable for dynamic advertising display. In 2007, Shanghai Xujiahui Orient Shopping advent of LED curved screen advertising, creating a precedent for full-color advertising LED display screen. As one of the newest tools of modern media, with its unique advertising effect, to demonstrate its charm. More and more businesses to the LED screen outdoor advertising, as its new generation of advocacy positions.

Outdoor LED Display is a modern information technology, sound, light, electricity, machine, the perfect combination of automatic control, set the animation, captions, pictures, videos, published in one of the high-tech information products. Its image-rich, versatile, energy-saving, long-life, high-capacity, digital, real-time characteristics, popular with users of the pro-gaze.

Whether indoors or outdoors, LED display enjoy the show with it’s fashionable for people to its brilliant colors, sharp images, super visual impact, excellent coverage of the admiration advertising. It has become increasingly prominent unparalleled advertising effect.

With the continuous development of technology, people constantly improve the pace of life, LED display rapid growth, almost occupied many areas people can feel. From the earliest securities electronic screen, performing arts venues and supporting the monitoring information system, an increasing number of indoor LED display with the small pitch.

Outdoor LED display “advertising value” to attract more advertising investment. After segmentation of the market, making the ad contains to accurately reach the audience crowd. The future prospects of LED advertising screen people should not be overlooked.

Preventing LED display from fire

Another important part of the display of fire raw materials, that is, plastic packages, plastic packages primarily use cell module Bottom mask material, the main use of raw materials is PC + glass fiber material with fire-retardant features, not only has the fire-retardant features, more and long-term energy when used at high temperature, deformation, not brittle cracking, combined with better sealing glue to use, can effectively block the rainwater penetration into the interior of the external environment in order to cause a short circuit fire.

In addition to the interior of the raw materials will affect the fire effect, external configuration and design are also very important, but the external configuration of the main problems related to the heat of fire, and it will work in the display configuration exhaust fans and air conditioning for cooling the interior of the screen, cooling, recommended every 8-10 square assembly 1P body temperature to ensure the screen to maintain normal air conditioning thermostat, air conditioning or fan configuration is not in place can cause uneven heat treatment, can easily lead caused due to temperature enhance internal security Screen risks. In response to a thunderstorm, Screen device is to avoid the lightning arrester assault and burn the screen inside the device an essential tool, you can directly import the lightning ground, without affecting the screen body impact.

Wireless LED display control card played a certain role in this propaganda. Wireless LED display control card is a small community guard, can quickly respond to the call, timely broadcast information, but also broadcast weather forecasts. Real-time weather information collected and transmitted to the LED display real-time display, the current time, weather warning signal icon, temperature and humidity and other information; real-time scrolling text information, publishing the latest weather, important information promptly issued a notice to meet meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation information display requirements.

Because LED electronic display are electronic products, the main part of the material also belongs to combustibles, so fundamentally from the start, “precautionary measures in unburned”, the use of high-quality power supply, wire, IC, connecting devices such as flammable devices, reducing the failure rate, and control the probability of fire led display; technical aspects, the led display installation process must be installed by a professional guide, inspect, you can take preventive measures; perimeter led display for easy combustibles, flammable materials cleanup, prevent fire hazards around the fire led to led display; and maintenance aspects, led by professionals regularly monitor to detect and check.

To enter the US market should reach UL48 safety wire and cable, ETL certification, while the British safety certification required by BS, Japan will need to reach PSE mandatory safety certification, while Hong Kong has long been aware of the department, although this international problem.

The proportion of LED display board in China

Currently, many LED display boards are coming with so the rapid decline in the price of lamp beads that help to promote the popularity of the product. In fact, LED two segments downstream applications. LED lighting and LED display are benefiting from lower prices and the popularity, but the future of this situation will begin to appear differentiation. For LED lighting, LED chips on the one hand the rapid decline in prices in recent years, on the other hand, the cost of other materials with slightly rigid, so in recent years accounted for in the LED lighting costs in rapid decline.

As for the LED display is different, with smaller spacing board for the launch, lamp beads growing exponentially, while the LED lamp bead chip is the largest part of the cost structure, and therefore the cost of the chip and lamp beads cost in the whole screen Instead, the proportion was increasing trend.

A higher proportion of the cost. LED chip cost of the total cost of the lamp beads proportion of about 30% to 40%, with the upstream LED chip technology advances, capacity expansion and MOCVD equipment to enhance productivity, declining chip prices will push prices down packaged devices.

The cost of large-scale production and packaging technology advances declined. LED display board currently has a smaller pitch products to the trend of development, need to develop a smaller package devices to meet the requirements, and new product introductions at the beginning, due to technical problems and yield are often higher prices, and with the massive amount production, is expected to achieve technological progress, economies of scale and thus reduce costs. IC packaging and similar, LED packaging technology is always in progress, reflected in the packages and packaging materials, which will lead to better-packaged device performance, stability, and lower costs.

With domestic and foreign suppliers are expected to push prices down lamp beads. In addition to the lamp beads, LED display board of the core components of the drive and control system IC chips are semiconductor products, as process technology advances, costs showed a rapid decline and prices and other structural parts of the cabinet relatively stable, mainly because of the cost of materials has a certain rigidity.

LED display strong semiconductor properties make it cost to rapid decline, smaller pitch products have introduced, and thus stimulate the potential market demand and achieve stable and rapid growth of market size. We expect that with the LED display to gradually reduce costs, on the one hand, the original outdoor market will continue steady growth. On the other hand, China LED display manufacturers will increase production efforts, open vast new markets.

The technology updates of LED screen

So, does this mean that LED screen can only be “local tyrants” exclusive? the answer is in the negative, of course. The system in the building needed more input, more flexible than static in terms of income-generating light boxes, at the deployment level because it is multiple choice. Static advertisement box can display only one piece of information at a time, to meet an end-user’s needs, while they can display different information at different times, to meet the needs of multiple end users. For advertisers, and static light room revenue, more long-term development prospects. To some extent, construction is a fast turnover of funds. Do you know what technology updates for LEDs screen this year?

In fact, whether it is an indoor curtain LED screen, focusing on long-term cost benefits and the systems due to the high initial construction costs, were much more prominent. For the moment, for the construction of a digital signage system, many users have a history of enterprise infrastructure optimization concept, thinking also natural limits on marketing spending, which formed a potential gaps in the market, grasp the opportunity of enterprises will help a lot.

Currently, domestic of system building is in started stage, related research showed that, in 2013, LED screens market scale share only for 4.7%, sales also only has 69,000 Taiwan, this on description, this a field of layout space also is big, preemption opportunities of enterprise will obtain more of industry discourse right, regardless of is for digital signs enterprise also is on has operations capacity of industry user, are is a full challenge of opportunities.

led screens

Also, with the development of LED industrial manufacturing capability, costs declined significantly over the past 5 years. This application contributed to the market on the scale of quality improvement. At present, large-scale outdoor full color LED screen a few years ago iconic high-end products, transition to General outdoor advertising. At level three or four, and even rural town market, penetration has LED curtain screen in various ways to a broader market spaces. Became a unique large-screen display technology.